What our clients say

"Throughout all the sessions with Tomas, I felt I was in very good hands with someone who genuinely cares. Sessions were enjoyable and very relaxing. Tomas helped to relieve a lot of stress from my life and improve my confidence, now I am happier. Wonderfully simple and surprisingly effective. "

-Doug, Bangkok

Tomas Sund, GQHP

Hypnotherapy is a cooperative therapy approach

Successful therapy is always a partnership between therapist and client. As a client coming for help, you are always in control of what you choose to experience, and what path to take. 


Discover the body’s natural ability to heal, and to find the mind’s natural resources to do amazing things - gain confidence and creativity in how you approach problem-solving in your life.


Experience an altered state of mind we can use to access your rich inner world and allow you to align with your goals in accordance with your health, happiness and well-being.

How to start?

I offer a FREE Consultation session for the treatment of most conditions; some conditions may not require a Consultation session.